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I'm a Android developer for fun

But I would do a project for some client ;)

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Slice of pizza!

I show you how important a slice of pizza is.
Slice of pizza! is a app dedicated to the slices of pizza.
You have 4 kind of slices available to share on social networks:
* Pepperoni
* Hawaiian
* Mushrooms
* Cheddar
Because nobody had taken the time for the slices of pizza, there is here!

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AtnHelper is an application that helps you to have control of your ants at home, you can add any type of ant.
In each registered anthill you can add records, for example about what food you give your ants, if you changed acrylic anthill or plaster, if the first nurses of the queen ant were born.
It has a general scale of progress for our anthill:
* Freshly captured queen ant
* Ant queen with eggs
* The queen ant has its first larvae
* The anthill already has pupae
* Worker ants in the anthill
* Your ant colony is stable
* You only need to clean and feed your ant colony
In addition, all the information that you are adding is displayed instantly in the application through an elegant and intuitive design that you will love.
An application of an ant lover, for ants lovers.

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Wiki: Free Fire - Information and news

Wiki: Free Fire is the app most complete in information concerning to popular game of Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds.
Wiki: Free Fire have information and details of each weapon in the game, it includes its skin, range, damage, attachments and more. Also, Wiki have information for each character from Free Fire, with their details and unlucked to levels.
Into Wiki: Free Fire , there is section of news, updates, sneak peeks, draws and events and more.
Finally, Wiki:Free Fire will improve in the time, please wait for this.
Wiki: Free Fire is NOT OFFICIAL APP. It is made by fan.

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